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Gammelvala 18-25 juli 2020

Gammelvala, which means the "old world", is a week when we give our visitors a glimpse of the everyday life and work of a bygone age. This year we open the gates for the 52th time. An incredible development has taken place during these 51 years and most of us do not know much about everyday life in the old days. Here in Skutboudden, Brunskog we use the old machines and the old techniques and keep them alive. We serve traditional food and drink and sell many of our products.

We have demonstrations and exhibitions in many of the buildings in the area. This includes a general store, post office, bank office, pottery, weaving, village school, soldiers home and paper mill where paper is made of old textile fabrics. Here we meet men who produce charcoal, distill tar, saw wood, thresh by beating, grind flour and forge iron. Here are women who show us how to prepare flax, card wool, spin, weave, bake bread, wash clothes, dye with colours from plants, cheese making and much, much more.

We also show how technological developments have made life easier. There is a steam engine that drives a sawmill, crude oil motor that drives a stone crusher and ignition engines that drive roof-shingle planes, rough homespun presser, wood-wool cutter and so on.

We offer many opportunities for children to use their creativity. Tools and equipment are available. It is just up to your imagination.

You are most welcome to visit Gammelvala!